3yrs 4 & 5 yrs 6,7 & 8 yrs
For fabrics without nap (all pattern piece)
110cm wide 1.35M n/a n/a
120cm wide 1.25M 1.50M 1.90M
140cm wide 1.05M 1.35M 1.55M
150cm wide 1.00M 1.15M 1.30M
For fabrics with nap (all pattern piece)
110cm wide 1.40M n/a n/a
120cm wide 1.35M 1.55M 1.85M
140cm wide 1.15M 1.35M 1.75M
150cm wide 1.10M 1.25M 1.55M
For thicker fabrics cut the two facing pieces in a lining fabric
For fabrics without nap (facing in lining)
120cm wide 1.15M 1.25M 1.45M
140cm wide 0.90M 1.15M 1.30M
150cm wide 0.85M 0.95M 1.10M
Lining fabric – for facing all widths 0.30M 0.40M 0.50M



  3yrs 4yrs 5yrs 6yrs 7yrs 8yrs
Chest 59.6cm 60.8cm 62.8cm 64.8cm 66.8cm 68.8cm
Length 63cm 67cm 71cm 75cm 79cm 83cm


  3yrs 4yrs 5yrs 6yrs 7yrs 8yrs
Chest 55cm 57cm 59cm 61cm 63cm 65cm
Waist 54cm 55cm 56cm 58cm 59cm 60cm
Hip 58cm 60cm 62cm 65cm 68cm 71cm
Height 101cm 105cm 109cm 113cm 117cm 121cm
Across back 22.8cm 23.6cm 24.4cm 25.2cm 26cm 26.4cm