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.This week we're taking a look at a winter woolly favourite: Boiled Wool.
Boiled wool is created by weaving wool roving, or wool yarns, on a large loom to create a thick fabric 'sheet'. The sheet is then dyed or embellished (woven patterns are created on the loom) before it is transferred to undergo fulling. Fulling is the process of shocking the wool by placing it in boiling water and agitating it with an alkaline solution to bond the wool fibres together. This creates the dense, tactile fabric we know as boiled wool, and makes the fibres resistant to wind, water and odour resistant - as well as everyones favourite property; non-fraying!
With our latest arrival to our boiled wool collection, Bordeaux, having just landed in store and online, we thought we'd round up our favourite Boiled Wool projects to get cracking before the cold really sets in! Our number one suggestion; the
Drapers Forenza Coat (unlined). This cocoon silhouette would make a gorgeous drapey throw on coat, with belted waist, to take you through from Autumn to Spring. Check out the rest of our suggested projects below.
.Just to make it extra easy, you can find our full collection of Boiled Wools here.
.Happy sewing Drapers Family!
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