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Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5

Product image 1Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5
Product image 2Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5
Product image 3Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5
Product image 4Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5
Product image 5Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5
Product image 6Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5
Product image 7Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5
Product image 8Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5
Product image 9Tauko Magazine | Issue No.5

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Tauko Magazine - Issue No. 5

TAUKO Magazine No. 5 is all about soft and comfy wool! The issue features essays of local wool production in Europe and portraits textile artists working with indigenous sheep herds in Denmark and the US. Making use of soft jerseys, wool, padded cotton and linen the sweaters, coats, trousers and dresses come with many variations for differently skilled sewists. All patterns come in 9 sizes from bust width 31” / 78cm to 57.5” / 146cm.


TAUKO Magazine is a pioneering independent print publication for home sewists and fashion and culture lovers, who have a big heart for the planet. It has its headquarters in Helsinki and Berlin and is founded and published by art researchers, fashion designers, makers, and passionate fighters for planetary wellbeing, Kaisa Rissanen and Mila Moisio.

TAUKO is a 128-page collectable that measures in at 275mm high x 215mm wide. There are four folded paper pattern sheets included with the magazine. It is printed in Estonia with a glue and stitch binding to secure durability and easy reading.

Joanne Au, Sadie Egan, Lisa Falconer, Christine Haynes, Elles Thé Lanfer, Bren
Larsen,Juha Vehmaanperä and Andini Wijendaru

Articles, essays and columns:
From the Farm to the Runway: A Story of Homecoming
Words by Lois Armas, Photography by Laura Oja

Artistic Narratives of Wool: An Introduction to the Work of Claudy Jongstra
Words by Lola Tairov, Photography by Josefina Eikenaar, Heleen Haijtema, Natascha Libbert and Jeroen Musch

A New Place for lace: The HEILA Bag Words & photography by Juha Vehmaanperä
The Skateboarding Weaver Interview with Naiomi Glasses

Photography by Tyler Glasses
Craft letters: From Dallas with love
Words & photography by Alexis Bailey
Clothing and Identity
Words & photography by Leila Kelleher

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