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Archival Dutch Chantilly Lace - 9cm | White

Product image 1Archival Dutch Chantilly Lace - 9cm | White
Product image 2Archival Dutch Chantilly Lace - 9cm | White
Product image 3Archival Dutch Chantilly Lace - 9cm | White

Regular price ¥174.02

From the workroom of legendary bridal designer Vinka Lucas (of Vinka Design) comes a collection of exceptional lace, beading and trims from all over the world. A fashion pioneer from the 60's to present, Vinka was internationally regarded as one of NZ's most successful designers, with a vibrant legacy collected by Te Papa and The New Zealand Fashion Museum.

A Dutch Chantilly Lace on a fine mesh base with crosshatched design and woven floral motifs and a delicate scalloped edge.

9cm Wide - price per metre. Made in The Netherlands.

Please note: Due to their vintage, some trims may have small marks expected for their age. All trims have been carefully stored, however please allow for small areas of discolouration or age spots.

Due to limited quantity, this lace is an online exclusive.

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