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Ottorino - European Wool Crepe | Teal

Product image 1Ottorino - European Wool Crepe | Teal
Product image 2Ottorino - European Wool Crepe | Teal
Product image 3Ottorino - European Wool Crepe | Teal
Product image 4Ottorino - European Wool Crepe | Teal

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Ottorino is a really interesting dress weight crepe, made of virgin European wool, and a tactile broken twill. It comes in three delicious colourways; pastel green, teal & indigo. This fabric is beautifully soft and breathable, suitable for any climate. Mostly opaque, it is full of drape and will hold gentle structure. Ottorino is perfect for a dress, blouse or a relaxed-fit shirt, and a partly lined pant.

Virgin wool is taken from a lamb on its very first clip hence it is a softer and finer grade than usual wool.

Composition: 40% Virgin Wool, 60% Viscose

Width: 150cm wide

Weight: 160GSM

Origin: Made in Europe

Care: We recommend a cold hand wash.

You can order a swatch here, and a thread match here.

For any further enquiries, please get in touch here.

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