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The Fielder - Top & Dress Pattern (6-18)

Product image 1The Fielder - Top & Dress Pattern (6-18)
Product image 2The Fielder - Top & Dress Pattern (6-18)
Product image 3The Fielder - Top & Dress Pattern (6-18)
Product image 4The Fielder - Top & Dress Pattern (6-18)

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Merchant & Mills The Fielder Dress and Top

The Fielder dress and top is based on a traditional sweatshirt, featuring three quarter length raglan sleeves and in-seam side pockets. 

This is a multi-size paper pattern in an envelope, including sizes 6 – 18. All of the seams are zigzagged or overlocked together so it has a 1cm seam allowance all around. The seam allowance is included in the pattern.

Pocket bags can be cut in self or lining fabric. You will need 20 – 30cm of seam tape, stay tape or a short length of selvedge edge from a fine fabric, approx. 5mm wide.

Ribbing requirements: Dress all sizes – 0.25M. Top sizes 6 – 14 – 0.40M. Top sizes 16 – 18 – 0.45M.

For any further enquiries, please get in touch here.

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