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Japanese Eco Dye | Orange - Hot Dye

Product image 1Japanese Eco Dye | Orange - Hot Dye
Product image 2Japanese Eco Dye | Orange - Hot Dye
Product image 3Japanese Eco Dye | Orange - Hot Dye

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Japanese Eco-Dye for hot water dyeing in Orange. This dye is suitable for natural fibres such as cotton, linen and rayon. We recommend delicate fabrics prone to shrinkage such as silk and wool with our cold water dye selection.  

One box is good for approx. 250g of fabric (2 t-shirts) with a water temperature around 85°C. These dyes are eco & skin friendly.  

Inside is a detailed step-by-step illustrated instruction list of how to dye your fabrics.

We highly recommend purchasing a fixing agent for longevity of your dye. The fixing agent is $10 and is suitable for approx. 1kg of fabric. Purchase this here:

Click below for brief video introduction on how to use both the Hot and Cold dyes:

All dyes have an OEKO-TEX Eco Passport Certification. 

Made In Japan

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