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Limited Edition Pattern Weights | Carob

Product image 1Limited Edition Pattern Weights | Carob
Product image 2Limited Edition Pattern Weights | Carob
Product image 3Limited Edition Pattern Weights | Carob

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Drapers is back with the first of our collaboration series working with Tauranga artist Josh Milward. Object and furniture designer Josh uses colour, texture and shape to create playful and unique metalwork pieces, such as the new Drapers x Sitting Pretty pattern-weights. 

All hand crafted in New Zealand by Josh, these limited edition pattern weights are sturdy and made to last using 10mm steel, with hand bent handle. Powder coated in a warm carob brown with a matte finish, each weight is 140mm x 80mm, and a unique puddle shape. Perfect for brightening up any sewing room. 

Pattern Weights are used to hold patterns in place while you trace them. They can also be used for holding patterns onto the fabric while you cut instead of pinning.  They are especially useful for delicate fabric that would be damaged by pins or difficult knit fabrics.  They are also useful for holding fabric on your workbench when you are pinning your pattern onto the fabric.

There are limited numbers of each colour-way and these will sell out - so get in quick!

Please note: Each pattern weight has been hand-crafted. Please be aware of small imperfections within the paint, these are unique to your weight and should be celebrated.

For any further enquiries, please get in touch here.

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