Scrap Busters

The thing we hate most at Drapers is waste, and nothing feels better than keeping fabric out of landfill, so we've rounded up a few scrap busting projects to make sure you really use up every inch of that meterage. Whether you've got loads of tiny bits or a few off grain pieces, see our favourite ways to make the most of those pesky off cuts.
1) Tissue Box Cover
It's sniffle season and that means there's at least one box of tissues floating around, so why not take the edge off that sterile looking kleenex box with a Japanese inspired folded tissue box cover. Suitable for even the newest sewing novice, you can find our free pattern with instructions here and our video tutorial here. We recommend something sturdy that still has a bit of give, like linen, cotton or wool suiting.
2) Fabric Coasters
Quick and easy, why not create your own fabric coasters and save yourself a few mug rings. Simply cut 2 x 10cm by 10cm squares, stitch together wrong sides together and bag out. Play around with contrasting sides and colours to really make it your own. The world's your oyster when it comes to fabric selection, although best to choose something with a flatter surface that can be washed often.
3) DIY Rice Bag Doorstop
These super simple doorstops are a practical way to use up any heavier weight fabric scraps. Each doorstop only requires one piece of 40cm x 25cm fabric, so make a few for yourself, your family and your neighbours. For a real bespoke touch, why not give the Japanese Embroidery technique Sashiko a go. You can find the full tutorial by Here in the Midst, here.
4) Fabric Food Covers
No, they aren't good looking shower caps, although you could put those raincoating scraps to good use if they were. A good one for entertainers or DIY gift givers, these fabric food covers are super quick and fully customisable. Simply draw around the desired plate or bowl, add the overhang (about 1/5 of the diameter should do it) and overlock your elastic around the edge. We recommend using natural fabrics that can be thrown in the wash often.
5) Pie Carrier
Ok this one requires a bit more than just a scrap, but if you're left with an extra metre of your favourite fabric, why not create a super cute and equally practical pie (or any dish, really) carrier. The ideal potluck accessory, you can find the tutorial by The Thread Room here. You'll want to use mid-heavy weight fabrics for this one, especially if you plan to carry heavy ceramic dishes.
6) Patchwork Pin Cushion
The perfect project to use up all those tiny pieces from various projects, this patchwork pin cushion's only limitation is your imagination. When it comes to jigsaw-ing together your different scraps, its best to use similar weighted fabrics and apply a lightweight fusing to reinforce the stitching. Fill with batting, or for a total zero waste project, cut up your remaining scraps into loads of tiny pieces and use them to stuff your cushion.
Despite our best efforts, we always end up with a bag or two of fabric scraps at the end of each month. If you or someone you know could make use of these scraps and would like to collect them from our Newmarket store, feel free to get in touch with us at online@drapersfabrics.com, and we'd be happy to arrange this with you!
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