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Shop all new NZ merino, boiled wool and faux fur.

Pattern Matches


Lightweight doesn't just have to be floaty and frilly. Here's 12 ways to make lightweight cottons work for you.

5 Easy Ways To Work With Denim

Even if you're a denim lover, it sometimes feels a bit daunting to take on a jean or jacket project with a heavy weig...

5 Ways to Wear Floral

If it's not your usual print, you don't fancy dressing up as your grandmothers hanky, or feel a little too 'prim and ...

Contemporising Lace

While it's a no brainer to peruse our Vinka Archive if you're planning a wedding, there's plenty of ways to incorpora...


With sweetened pastels and jewel crowning shades, there was a dynamic vibrancy dominating the SS22 runway this year, ...

Drapers Guide to Sustainable Swim

While the water might still be a bit chilly (trust us, we gave it a go this weekend), it won't be long till it's even...

Making the Most

We're a week in to our 30-40% off sale and with new fabrics just added, it's time to round up our staff sale picks; s...

What to wear in Winter

It's getting a little harder to spring out of bed in the mornings, and since it's almost windshield-defrosting seaso...

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