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Italian Lamb Hide - Plissé | Seafoam

Product image 1Italian Lamb Hide - Plissé | Seafoam
Product image 2Italian Lamb Hide - Plissé | Seafoam
Product image 3Italian Lamb Hide - Plissé | Seafoam
Product image 4Italian Lamb Hide - Plissé | Seafoam

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This beautiful Italian lamb hide comes pre-creased with a crinkled plissé texture for a super unique look and feel. It comes in a lovely blue/green colourway and is vegetable tanned. It's light weight, very pliable and ultra soft making it ideal for garments, accessories, bags and more. As this hide develops a natural patina the creased texture will become more prominent.

Please note: No two hides are the same and have their own unique qualities and characteristics - small marks, scars and holes are natural. These differences should be celebrated, but please do keep this in mind when purchasing.

Composition: 100% Italian Lambskin 


Size 1: Each hide is 8 Sq Ft. It measures approximately 90cm by 80cm.

Size 2: Each hide is 7 Sq Ft. It measures approximately 70cm by 80cm

Origin: Italy 

Care: Spot clean with water and a gentle detergent to remove dirt or marks.

Sewing Suggestions: Lambskin can be sewn on a domestic machine. We recommend using a heavy weight needle (you can purchase our Universal 16 needles here) and a teflon or roller foot for best results. 

NB: These hides are Tannery deadstock created as a waste product of the meat industry.

For any further enquiries, please get in touch here.

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