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Seabright Swimwear

Product image 1Seabright Swimwear
Product image 2Seabright Swimwear
Product image 3Seabright Swimwear
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Friday Pattern Company The Seabright Swimmer 

The Seabright Swimmer is a one piece swimsuit pattern that can be made with or without sleeves. It features a plunging neckline with gathering at the shoulder and waist. The instructions include a tutorial for adding a lace up neckline closure for added modesty. The sleeves let you look and feel glam while providing a bit of added sun protection!Intermediate level sewing

This pattern is designed for swimsuit knits with a high amount of stretch (50-60%). Fabric with lycra or spandex will hold up the best. If you’re using the suit for swimming, you’re going to want to avoid fibers that hold a lot of water (cotton). 

You can line your bottoms with swimsuit lining or the same fabric you are using for the rest of your suit. If you are not using swimsuit lining, add 45cm to the requirements listed below. main fabric:


  • 3.65m of 0.6mm elastic 
  • Stretch sewing machine needle 
  • A tool for marking 
  • Matching thread
  • Optional - pack of 8.5cm D-Rings an optional lace up front closure. Soft foam cups. 


XS-M //  115cm wide fabric //  .8 metre

XS-M //  137cm-152cm wide fabric // .7 metre

L-XXL //  115cm wide fabric // .9 metre

L-XXL //  137-152cm wide fabric // 1.5 meters

1X - 4X // 115cm wide fabric // 1.5 metres

1X - 4X // 137cm-152 wide fabric // 1 metre


  • XS - XXL // 137cm-152cm wide // .55 metres
  • 1X-4X // 137-152cm wide // .6 metres


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