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It's no surprise the cargo pant was once again centre stage at Paris Fashion Week proving techwear or as Jason Chen famously coined it Gorpcorp, is here to stay.
Not just a fad, but a style that leans into practicality, it's defined by structured silhouettes, long-lasting french or flat felt seams, utilitarian big outer pockets and of course fancy hiking or outdoors accessories, namely Salomon's, Northface or Patagonia gear. For a day around the city of course...  (sort of like people who wear active wear but aren't active).
There's a reason all the cool kids are doing it, with clothes that are perfect for transeasonal weather, and easily paired with an oversized shacket or tank. A minimalistic approach to the wardrobe, the pieces themselves are far from it with pockets and trims that make a statement. 
A muted colour palette that suits all, slate grey, soft beige, dark navy, classic black and olive, the look is only complete paired with the best hiking gear. 
With the cargo pant, you only need to make it once and you've got a pair for life. Making your fabric choice the key to a good pair. We suggest an interesting cotton nylon blend that'll ensure it wears well!
Not limited to the humble cargo pant, stay trendy with an oversized bags (to fit all the tools and snacks on the go), pocket heavy shackets, and showerproof windbreakers.
Check out our premium Japanese drill selection, full of enhanced neutrals to make your own thoughtfully trimmed functional pieces.
Catch all drill down to $19 while stock lasts
And for you advanced sewers, modular parts such as removable pockets and pant legs are a fun way to test your skills. 
Check out our YKK open ended zips here
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