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Drapers Diaries

Meet the Team: Hugo

This week on Meet the Team we spoke with Hugo, part-time rolling machine extraordinaire and full time artist.

Meet the Team - Alex

This week on Meet the Team, we're talking with Alex our Fitzroy store manager and resident Drapers sweetheart.

Style Series: Grece Ghanem

In honour of Grece's classic and eternal sense of style, we've curated a Ghanem Approved Guide to help you build your...

Meet the Team - Hootie

Meet the Team; a series dedicated to our incredible staff so you can get to know a little more about those who work b...

Fabric Spotlight: Marvellous Merino

With a new arrival to our knit section, our striped Merino jersey Harry, now seems as good a time as any to talk a li...

NEW Series: Meet the Team - Ria

New to our Drapers Diaries, this week we're kicking off the first ever edition of Meet the Team; a series dedicated t...

Our Love for Linen

This week we welcomed our new range of European and Japanese Linens, and they've got us thinking about those outfit s...

Scrap Busters

The thing we hate the most at Drapers is waste, and nothing feels better than a zero waste make, so we've rounded up ...

Making the Most

We're a week in to our 30-40% off sale and with new fabrics just added, it's time to round up our staff sale picks; s...

We're Crushing On Cord

Corduroy is a strong durable fabric most notable for its unique ridged pattern known as cords or ribs formed by cut p...

What to wear in Winter

It's getting a little harder to spring out of bed in the mornings, and since it's almost windshield-defrosting seaso...

Warp or Weft?

Weaving is one of the oldest and most popular methods of textile production. When a pattern, class or tutorial calls...

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