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Bias Binding Maker | Red 18mm

Product image 1Bias Binding Maker | Red 18mm
Product image 2Bias Binding Maker | Red 18mm
Product image 3Bias Binding Maker | Red 18mm

Regular price $10.19

Got a tricky neckline, armhole or visible seam allowances that need a bit of tidying? No need to spend hours searching for a matching bias binding when you can just make your own. It's as easy as cutting your fabric into bias strips, feeding it through the bias maker, and giving it a good press.

Bias makers are ideal for a clean and seamless finish on any garment, and work wonders for unsightly seam allowances. 

This bias maker creates 18mm bias binding when pressed. Once folded over your raw edge or seam allowance the finished width of bias is approx 9mm.

Want a thicker bias? Find the 25mm bias maker here.

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