5 Reasons Tencel is our Pick of the Season

5 Reasons Tencel is our Pick of the Season

As we approach our favourite time of the year, we don’t know about you but our focus shifts towards good company, good food and a FUN festive wardrobe. Tis the season for fabrics that are an all-rounder so we can stuff ourselves full as much as we like without the need to change.

Tencel is all that and more, here’s why…

Fluid Drape and Comfort
Full of natural softness and goodness, Tencel is known for it’s fluid drape and comfort. Made out of natural wood pulp, it’s versatile and holds tactile qualities similar to cotton or silk. Making into ideal loose fitting and bias-cut pieces such as a shift dress, butterfly blouse and perfect occasion wear you won’t want to take off all night.  
Dreamy Bedding

Hypoallergenic, it’s a great alternative for soft pillowcases and bedding that’s beneficial for your skin and sleep; at a cheaper price point to silk. Need we say more?

A Blessing for Mother Nature

Certified by global standards of sustainability it’s good for mother nature in everyway. Made of responsibly-sourced wood the process is a closed-loop system meaning almost no solvent is left once the fabric is made. Needing less energy and water to produce than most cotton, it also uses a lot less dye to get rich colours. 


Breathable and absorbant it's also less susceptible to sweat, so is the ideal trans-seasonal fabric, and a need for the hotter months.


Easy to care for, Tencel is cold machine washable on a gentle cycle. Made to withstand the test of time, using Tencel is a durable and longlasting investment. 

Redefine your values with your wardrobe. Tencel is a commitment to the trifecta - quality, comfort and sustainability.

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Check out our full Tencel range here
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