A towel sew-lution!

Let’s be real, quality towels make our hearts sing, but it can be hard to find luxury at an affordable price. There's no better feeling as a sewer than solving the problem yourself. 
Overheard from a fellow Drapers customer, Brittany, an Italian heavyweight linen is the perfect
sew-lution... So Daf put it to the test. 
Double-faced with a herringbone weave, it's 330GSM with a Martindale count of 24,000 (that's interior speak for suitable for everyday use). However, when pre-washed it softens, resulting in top-tier towelling. 
Using a 1m cut, I've chucked it on a warm cycle with detergent. Linen can be washed in hot temperatures of up to of 80 degrees, however it doesn't require much heat to get clean.
Remember to serge or zig-zag your edges before washing (naturally I forgot) to prevent fraying. Always steam or iron linen after laundry – never tumble dry.  
When dry, Brittany turns into a tactile seersucker-like texture, that is supremely soft. 
Mark and cut your towels out, I’m making tea towels that are 48cm long and 60cm wide, allowing for three towels across the width. 
Using the selvedge as a ready-made hem, fold over the edges 2cm, and press down. You'll find it gets quite bulky in the corners so I recommend cutting the corners diagonally at the fold. 
Now the fun part! Sew all the edges, I’ve used a 2.5cm stitch length to ensure durability. Using the two-tone feature as part of the design, I folded the seams to the reverse side. It's so easy I made the towel up in 20 minutes.
Repeat until you make a set, whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom or even poolside!
Unsure about Linen for towels?
Linen is nature's super fabric. More absorbent than cotton, it can hold liquid without feeling damp, is naturally antibacterial and extremely fast drying.
Elevate your towelling and make your parents, in-laws, friends and even colleagues envious. Available in a full range of 7 colours.
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