A Guide to Loving Leather


All of our leathers are deadstock Italian leather and vegetable tanned, which is an eco-friendly and ancient process that uses oils from various vegetation sources to treat the hides. This process allows each hide to age well, have a more natural tone, along with allowing the hides to be biodegradable. 

Sewing leather on your domestic machine may seem daunting, but there are a few simple tricks to get your machine leather ready. 

  • Changing your presser foot to either a teflon foot or a roller foot will help your leather easily glide through your machine. A standard foot will stick to your leather. 
  • Swapping out your standard needle to something a bit more hard-wearing. We recommend our size 16 needles, which are thicker and sharper, specifically designed to pierce through leather. These needles accommodate most domestic machines. 
  • Using the correct thread is vital. We recommend either our Heavy Duty top-stitching thread, nylon or a standard polyester thread. Never use cotton thread when sewing leather.
  • As standard pins will permanently mark your fabric, we recommend using our Magic Clips to hold your pattern pieces together. 
  • Adjusting your stitch length to 3.5cm-4cm. Shorter stitches can perforate your leather, causing it to tear. 
  • Instead of back-stitching, securing your threads with a knot at the beginning and end of each stitch is preferred. This ensures that all your stitches line up perfectly. 



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