Tolve - Drapers Pattern

Product image 1Tolve - Drapers Pattern
Product image 2Tolve - Drapers Pattern
Product image 3Tolve - Drapers Pattern
Product image 4Tolve - Drapers Pattern
Product image 5Tolve - Drapers Pattern
Product image 6Tolve - Drapers Pattern
Product image 7Tolve - Drapers Pattern
Product image 8Tolve - Drapers Pattern
Product image 9Tolve - Drapers Pattern
Product image 10Tolve - Drapers Pattern

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An extended size range and PDF versions are on their way!

Tolve is the everyday pant you need and deserve. An ankle length pant either tapered or straight leg, you have the option for pants or shorts with a tailored fly or invisible zip closure. Front pleats, inseam or angled pockets and back patch pockets make this your new wardrobe staple. Mix and match the detail options to recreate this timeless pant again and again.

Please note all design options are interchangeable on Drapers Patterns.

Skill level; Intermediate

Fabric Requirements: 

Straight Shorts;

120cm wide – 1.6M to 1.7M

150cm wide - 1.3M to 1.4M

Straight Pants;

120cm wide – 2.4M to 2.5M

150cm wide - 2.0M to 2.1M

Tapered Shorts;

120cm wide – 1.4M to 1.5M

150cm wide - 1.1M to 1.2M

Tapered Pants;

120cm wide – 2.2M to 2.3M

150cm wide - 1.9M to 2.0M


You will need: 

Fabric of choice.

0.3M of midweight (non stretch) interfacing.

1 x 32L Buttons

15cm Trouser Zip or 18cm Invisible Zip

Suggested Fabrics:

Tolve works best in a mid weight linen, cotton or viscose to hold it's shape. Tolve is not suitable for ultra lightweight fabrics such as organza or chiffon, but could be made up in a lighter weight fabric if a drapier look is desired.


If you are particularly tall or like a custom hem length, you can extend the hem to your desired length. You can always reduce the hem back down to the original length if needed.

A plus-size range of this pattern is coming soon. 

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