Hand drawn selvedge?

It's a privilege to be able to connect with these 18th-century fabric mills situated halfway across the world. Being able to see and share first-hand the traditions and incredible craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations is an honour. Located in the wool capital of the world, Biella Italy; the weaver himself was able to share his family's artistry with us. 
In a world full of cheaper alternatives of an inferior quality, it's rare to find fabrics true to their craft. The selvedge details found on the opulent European fabrics made by these mills are a testament to their quality and are used by couture-grade designers. Nowadays, the selvedge is even sometimes used as a fashion statement.
Originally these selvedges were hand drawn onto graph paper for scale, and then hand stitched onto the fabric. Now the technique has changed and programmed on a weaving machine. Did you know, it still costs an extra euro on top of the fabric price to have a fancy selvedge?
Biella is located at the foot of the Italian Alps surrounded by small Alpine rivers and lakes, with fresh water running through the whole town. The freshwater is integral to the quality of the fabrics made here; washing the wool and being used throughout the process for millennia. The quality and purity of the water flowing down the mountain directly influences the softness of the fabric.
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