Meet the Team; a series dedicated to our incredible staff so you can get to know a little more about those who work behind the scenes (and the counters) to bring you the Drapers you know and love.
This week we spoke with Nina, a recent fashion design graduate who has blessed Drapers with her beautiful genuine energy and skilled makers hand. You can often find Nina providing local insights at our Newmarket store, or helping out around our warehouse and precisely cutting your swatch requests.
We asked Nina a few questions about herself, see her responses below;
When did you fall in love with making? (Or why)
I can't exactly pinpoint when I started sewing, it has always just been a part of my life. My mum and nana are proficient sewers so I learnt a lot from them, but then moving through school; sewing always allowed me to express myself creatively, and was great to have a hands-on subject to break up the theory based work of my other classes. 
You've just made up some pieces from Tauko #11, what did you think about the patterns?
I loved using the patterns from the latest Tauko edition as they were really easy to follow and beautifully made patterns. I am used to drafting my own patterns so I found this a great experience to push myself outside of my comfort zone all why supporting independent pattern makers. 
What was the washer cotton like to work with?
The new Washer Drill was such a lovely and easy fabric to work with, it's a lovely mid weight denim perfect for the transitional seasons. The black washer drill made a lovely pair of pants, but I'd love to experiment with the ecru when summer time rolls around. 
Favourite piece of clothing you own (self-made or brought)?
It's really hard for me to pick just one as I am somewhat of a 'collector' or 'hoarder' of vintage clothes, so out of those my absolute favourite is a black velvet fitted dress, covered in embroidered flowers. I got the dress from a friend of my mums who collects vintage American dresses, this one dates back to the 1950's!
Next project on the horizon?
Next step is to make a lightweight jacket out of a pale green canvas fabric. I'm going to use a Merchant and Mills pattern called the 'Denham', using the Tauko patterns has really inspired me to use some more commercial patterns. 
Your top tip for creating the best sewing space?
I'm very particular about my sewing space, it seems all the stars have to align before I start a project. I love to have a tidy space, but most importantly I need to have a candle burning and a t.v show on in the background, my pick for this project was rewatching season one and two of Bridgerton.
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