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Shop all new NZ merino, boiled wool and faux fur.

What's up with Wool?

Wool is a delicate natural protein fibre. It offers wonderful warmth and moisture-wicking capabilities, making it th...

Featured Fabric: Boiled Wool | Drapers Diaries

This week we're taking a look at a winter woolly favourite: Boiled Wool.

Suiting Up

Triacetate is resistant to wrinkling, creasing and mildew making it the perfect travel companion. From your working w...

We're big on Broderie!

Originally created using embroidery stilettos, which manually punched each hole in the fabric, Broderie Anglaise is t...

Welcome to the Drapers Diaries.

We think it's high time we start journalling our own creative journey, including our wonderful customers, talented s...

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